Talented Fan Recreates Death Stranding As A PS1 Game

It’s only two weeks since the launch of Death Stranding, but we’re still reeling from the hype surrounding the game tipped for Game of the Year for this year’s The Game Awards.

While many gamers are still taking their time to trek through the United Cities of America as Sam Porter Bridges, a fan has us all wondering what it would look like if Hideo Kojima made this game back in the glory days of the original PlayStation.

Independent game developer @Miziziziz shared his rendition of what it would look like if Sam and BB were walking among BTs in some really nostalgic polygonal graphics.

@Miziziziz went at length to break down his creative process on Twitter, showing how he rendered Sam, as well as the BTs (which look arguably more menacing than the ones in the original game).

And because all good things must be shared, he even put up the source files on GitHub if anyone wants to try their hand at playing around with his creation.

If you haven’t had the chance to know this talented dude, @Miziziziz was also renowned for his earlier work on the rendering the indie hit Untitled Goose Game in PS1 graphics.

Anyway, back to Death Stranding. If you’ve been bitten by the nostalgia bug, another creator, Hoolopee, recreated the earliest trailer of the game using PS1 graphics as well.

Can we just get a PS1 version of Death Stranding, pretty please, Kojima-san?

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