Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Is Available For Purchase Online Once Again

After being removed on Steam two years ago, Taiwanese horror game Devotion is finally back on sale.

Because of all the problems RedCandle have faced on platforms such as Steam, they have decided to sell the game themselves through their new online store for international customers.

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The storefront includes the digital games, OST soundtracks and game bundles for Devotion and their previous game Detention. Unfortunately, there aren’t any physical editions of the games.

RedCandle has also announced that any future releases will be on their own e-shop.

Detention and Devotion released back in 2017 and 2019 respectively, as they discussed sensitive issues relating to Taiwan’s modern history. Hence the controversy. The former discussed social issues while Taiwan was under martial law, while the latter featured an easter egg that painted the current Chinese president Xi Jinping in a rather unfavourable manner to the Chinese.

This eventually resulted in both games being preserved at Harvard University.

Devotion is now available for US$16.99 and you can now directly support the developers for their efforts.

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