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Geek Review: OPPO R15

Solid, yet forgettable.

Geek Hands-On: OPPO R15 And R15 Pro

An amalgamation of everything that's already on the market, the R15 series is quite literally, carbon copies of...

Check Out OPPO’s New R11s and R11s Plus At Their New Pop Up Store In Singapore

OPPO wants to ring in Christmas together with you!

Geek Review: OPPO R11

The R11 is an unassuming, no-frills player that doesn’t try too hard to impress, but gets the job...

The OPPO R9s Plus – Bigger, Better, and Comes in Black

The R9 Plus is OPPO's newest weapon in the war of the smartphones.

Geek Review: OPPO R7 Plus

The OPPO R7 Plus reminds us of what a high end Nexus device could be without the sub...