Tag Heuer Unveils New Super Mario Limited Edition Smartwatch

After dropping teasers for several days, Tag Heuer has officially revealed their brand-new collaboration with the Super Mario franchise, a limited-edition Connected Wear OS smartwatch.

The timepiece is essentially a Tag Heuer’s Connected model with Super Mario themes and boasts an animated Mario that’ll play different animations as the wearer hits their daily step goals.

The watch will feature four different Mario watch faces and two interchangeable straps: one in a sporty red rubber, and the other in black leather on red rubber.

Besides its red highlights, the bezel sports Mario’s iconic Super Mushroom, Pipe, and Super Star designs, with the crown of the watch engraved with an M symbol in red lacquer.

tag heuer super mario

Like their Connected watches, the themed watch will also feature pulse measurement, customisable dials, GPS localisation, and water resistance while running on Google’s Wear OS. That’ll offer access to all widgets offered by the Google Suite such as Calendar, Emails, Weather, and Notifications, alongside support apps like Google Pay, Music Controller, Agenda, Translate, Watch Faces, Wellness, Sports App, and Golf App.

With Mario by our side at all times, it’ll be difficult not to hit those step goals, but you’ll first have to get your hands on the Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition Watch. It has not been officially released yet, though keen parties may register their interest now.