Sweet Tooth Emerges In Peacock's First Twisted Metal Trailer

Sweet Tooth Emerges In Peacock’s First ‘Twisted Metal’ Trailer

Kids and adults who enjoyed video games in the 90s would certainly recognise the mayhem of Twisted Metal, the game series that had cars going up against each other using all sorts of weaponry in a bid to be the last one standing. Now, streaming platform Peacock is hoping to bring back nostalgia in full force with its Twisted Metal adaptation, and the first trailer has dropped to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

Starring Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Neve Campbell, Will Arnett, and others, the teaser trailer for Twisted Metal sees Mackie’s John Doe getting ready for some action. Cue the loading of a shotgun, a pop of a mix CD, and driving through a landscape of fire and destruction.

But perhaps what Peacock needs to get right for the Twisted Metal series is its iconic characters, one of which makes a short appearance at the end of the teaser. Sweet Tooth, the murderous clown, will be joining in the fun in his ice cream truck, and it remains to be seen just what else is coming next.

Sweet Tooth Emerges In Peacock First Twisted Metal Trailer

In terms of tone, the Twisted Metal series on Peacock is definitely not made for everyone, and it will certainly be aimed at those that grew up with the franchise. The violence and action will figure heavily, but it is likely to eschew the arena-type setup for a more open nature.

With no new games since 2012, the audience for the show may not necessarily be there, but if Twisted Metal can get even a small bite of the success of other recent video game adaptations, like HBO’s The Last of Us or the massively popular Super Mario Bros. Movie, then Sweet Tooth might just ride again.

The first season will premiere on 27 July, with ten episodes.