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Super Robot Wars V Heads Over To Nintendo Switch On October 3 In Southeast Asia

Robot fights are always a sight to behold, so it only stands to reason that gathering all the iconic mechs from various universes would allow for more grandeur and epicness. Bandai Namco’s Super Robot Wars is all of that, serving up one big robot brawl after another in its 90-title run.

The franchise’s 25th anniversary then saw the introduction of Super Robot Wars V, which was first released on PS4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017. Two years later, the Sony exclusive is heading over to the Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms alongside Super Robot Wars X, with a confirmed launch date of October 3, 2019 for Southeast Asia.

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The new port will feature 20 bonus scenarios that are set to be added to the main game. Once cleared, players are awarded Power Parts, which grant additional stat bonuses and effects to their mecha builds.

For early purchase cases, there’s a whole host of extra content laying in wait. First on the list is the Special Starter Pack V that offers 100,000 Funds, 1,000 TacP (Tactical Points), and two Power Parts – the V Circuit and Quantum Computer – up for grabs. The accompanying Lovely Present V, meanwhile, comes with 50,000 Funds and 500 TacP in tow, alongside the Force Reactor Power Part.

The last bonus will yield two early-game Special Battle Original Mecha builds in the form of Grungust and Heckebein. Redeeming the Bonus code at the start of Chapter 2 gives players access to the above and the V Aggressor and V Defensor Power Parts, following which the “Trial by Fire” bonus scenario will be unlocked. Upon completion, the player is set to receive an additional 50,000 Funds, 500 TacP, and the Barrier Field Power Part. Sweet.

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To round up the deal, the Super Robot Wars V Limited Edition has included a list of premium songs for the resident anime enthusiast. There’s a catch to this, however: the Limited Edition version is only available on the Nintendo Switch in digital form, and will not be heading over to Steam.

As the month of October nears, it’d do good for fans to start gearing up and prepare for some on-the-go robot battle thrills.

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