STGCC 2016: Aftermath Audio Feature From “The Last King Podcast”

The Singapore Toys, Games, And Comics Convention was held on September 10 and 11 and was deemed a success recently.

Off the cuff, a lot of fans in Singapore are saying otherwise. Perhaps the only way to settle it is to, collect a bunch of real honest thoughts about the show during the past weekend and let the public decide.

That’s what my recent podcast venture did! My co-host Shafique and I decided to check out STGCC 2016 and get down and dirty interviewing people, experts, and creators left and right for their expert opinions and thoughts. We also chat with comic book personalities like Tom Taylor (Wolverine, Injustice), Brooke Allen (Lumberjanes), and Sonny Liew (The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye).

Take a listen at this 1-hour; we apologize in advance for the “rawness” of the audio.

Time Stamps For Your Convenience:

Hope fellow geeks enjoyed this experiment we did! Check out more of our podcast shows on The Last King website & SoundCloud page.