Stay At Home With Ultraman – Tsuburaya Productions Brings Selected Episodes To YouTube For Free

Inspiring hope is one of the characteristic elements of the superhero genre, so it’s only natural that Tsuburaya Productions, the studio behind the Ultraman series, is using that as a basis for its new initiative, which seeks to bring encouragement and support in the trying times of COVID-19.

Titled Stay At Home With Ultraman, the weekly video distribution programme is set to bring 10 carefully-selected episodes to viewers, with each rallying a heartening message of positivity. The episodes will be released on Tsburaya’s Ultraman Official YouTube channel every Sunday at 10am (GMT+7) starting from 3 May 2020, and are made available for viewing until the end of June. The final video, meanwhile, is slated to run till end-July.

Fans are also encouraged to interact with one another in real time when watching the 10am episode premiere. Details of the selected screenings and their accompanying message are as follows:


  • 3 May: Don’t lose your kindness. – Ultraman Ace #52, “You are the Ace of Tomorrow!”
  • 10 May: Do what you can. – Ultraman #37, “A Little Hero”
  • 17 May: Connect with others. – Ultraman Max #15, “Miracle of the Third Planet”
  • 24 May: Work to save lives. – Ultraman Mebius #33, “The Woman with Blue Fire”
  • 31 May: Combine our strengths. – Ultraman Taro #34, “The Last Day of the 6 Ultra Brothers!”


  • 7 June: You build the future. – Ultraman Dyna #20, “The Alien Boy”
  • 14 June: We connect at any distance. – Ultraman Cosmos #42, “Friends”
  • 21 June: Be brave. – Return of Ultraman #51, “The Five Oaths of Ultra”
  • 28 June: The power to believe. – Booska #4, “Booska Goes to the Moon”


  • 5 July: Don’t give up! – Ultraman Nexus #37, “Nexus”

Ultraman’s optimism and positivity is a bright beacon in a world engulfed in bleakness, and we can always do with more of that. The tokusatsu superhero may not be the newest one out there, but he certainly is a familiar, comforting presence.