Yor Forger

‘Spy x Family’ Yor Forger Cosplay By Japanese Weather Reporter Goes Viral With Nearly 170k Likes

A weather reporter by the day, and a cosplayer by night. Enter Saya Hiyama, a reporter of Japanese 24-hour live streaming channel Weathernews LiVE, who not only goes into the spotlight to report on meterological conditions, but also has stolen the limelight with her recent cosplay of Yor Forger from popular anime Spy x Family.


The anime enthusiast took to Twitter to post four photos of her donning the female assassin’s signature black dress and golden hair ornaments, with a caption that reads simply, “Spy x Family Thorn Princess🥀 Yor Forger”. It has garnered 169.3K likes on the platform as of the time of writing, and even caught the attention of her colleague, who described the cosplay as pretty.

 “Thank you✨ My chest is nowhere near enough [to the character], but I stood tall and gave it my all🤣,” she joked in response to the praise.

The Yor Forger portrayal isn’t the cosplayer’s first foray into the hobby scene. In early June 2022, she posted a photo of her dressed as tearjerker anime Violet Evergarden‘s titular character on Instagram. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance,” she captioned, referring to the character’s greeting. “If it is your wish, I will travel anywhere to meet your request. Auto Memory Doll, Violet Evergarden, at your service.” 

Hiyama has more than 270K followers on the photo-sharing platform, and more than 340K followers on Twitter, which is, in itself, an already impressive feat. Her Yor Forger cosplay comes after Spy x Family ended its 12-episode run on 25 June, with a second part currently set for sometime this October.

In the manga-turned-anime series, Yor is a female assassin who agrees to a faux wedding with protagonist Loid Forger, a spy tasked to pose as a loving husband and father to adopted child Anya, a telepath, as part of a mission to maintain world peace. It became one of the most-watched series and reached overwhelming levels of popularity, with merchandising like a Uniqlo T-shirt collection and an Anya Tamagotchi following quickly during its airtime.