‘Spirited Away’s’ No Face Gets A Bath … On Wheels In Dream Tomica Lineup

No Face, one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous mascots from Spirited Away, is getting a bathtub on wheels in Dream Tomica’s new miniature car lineup, which challenges the definition of what can be considered a car. First announced in November 2023, No Face is finally on sale to the delight of eager fans.

no face tomica

The floating bathtub, called a tarubune (tub boat), looks similar to a barrel, but with an open top and paddle. It also looks like the buckets provided at Japanese onsen (hot springs), paying homage to Chihiro and Lin sailing away in one in the 2001 animated film. No Face paddling in a tarubune is an adorable thought, and the best part is that he’s fully detachable.

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no face tomica

Standing at 5.2 cm, he’s pocket sized, and great if you want a little travel figurine to bring around. The tarubune has wheels tucked into the bottom, so you can roll him across hard surfaces. Unfortunately, the bucket is not waterproof, so store it in a safe place away from water.

The No Face car is priced at S$11.98 (1320 yen), and will likely be coming to Tomica retail stores soon enough.