Sony Launches Its Newest 61MP Full-Frame Mirrorless Alpha 7R IV In Singapore

Sony has proven time and again that they are the undisputed champions of mirrorless full-frame cameras. With the release of their 61-megapixel Alpha 7R IV they are looking to cement that lead.

The a7R IV is by far Sony’s highest resolution full-frame camera, with a brand new sensor which makes sure that it does not lag behind when taking high-resolution shots, and a brand new, larger grip that lets users hold the camera with much more confidence than before. 

It features the world’s first 35mm full-frame back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, with a resolution of 61-megapixel. This new sensor comes with both a back-illuminated structure and effective noise reduction techniques which work together to ensure that users get high-quality images with extremely low noise, even at a high pixel count. 

With such a high megapixel count, the a7R IV has the ability to crop down to APS-C dimensions while still maintaining an impressive 26.2-megapixels on their images. This option gives photographers more flexibility when taking photos. It also uses a new sensor that comes with a wide and high-density AF coverage with 567 phase-detection AF points. 

Not just that, the camera also boasts an impressive 15-stop dynamic range and is capable of shooting full-resolution images at up to 10 fps, making the a7R IV the ideal camera for various different scenarios such as taking photos of a catwalk where the subject is always moving, or even sports photography.

Now you know which camera to bring for the next Singapore Grand Prix to help you capture all the fast-moving cars. 

In comparison, the Sony a7R III only comes with 13-stop dynamic range, which is already great but with the a7R IV, now you can capture more details with a single click of the shutter.

Much like the Sony Alpha a6400, the Alpha 7R IV also comes with Real-time Eye AF which uses artificial intelligence to detect and process eye location in real-time, staying locked onto the subject’s eyes for extremely precise photos. This feature is available for both animal and human subjects. 

Another major addition to the a7R IV allows for 4K (3840×2160 pixels) video recording across the full width of its sensor, it also comes with real-time Eye AF, which is another first for Sony cameras currently in the market. So videographers can rest easy knowing that their subjects will always be in focus throughout a shot with the a7R IV.  There is also the Touch Tracking function which automatically initiates the Eye AF when a subject is selected. 

Another feature videographers will appreciate is the addition of the digital audio interface on the camera’s Multi Interface Shoe. This lets videographers directly connect the necessary video equipment such as the new ECM-B1M Shotgun microphone or XLR-K3M XLR Adaptor kit for clearer high-quality audio. 

The Alpha 7R IV will be available at selected Sony Stores, Sony Centres, and Sony authorised dealers from August 2019

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