Sneak Peak At The Third World Of Warcraft Comic “Three Sisters”

After soul-searching with Jaina at Theramore and venturing to Silithus with Magni in the first and second World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth comics respectively, the third comic will be more of a family affair. Titled Three Sisters, it explores the story of the Windrunners – Sylvanas, Alleria, and Vereesa – as they get ready for their long-awaited reunion. It remains uncertain whether their familial bonds will be strong enough to withstand the contrasting forces and allegiances in their lives that have given them drastically different perspectives on the world.

The comic is co-written by Steve Danuser, Christie Golden, and Andrew Robinson,  who chose to focus on the Windrunners as they are one of the most important cornerstone families of the Warcraft universe, with siblings on both the Horde and Alliance sides of the ongoing conflict.

Since Vereesa and Alleria were reintroduced to one another at Argus at the end of Legion, the writers were set on arriving at the moment when all three sisters would be reunited to talk things through. Alleria was gone for a thousand years, unbeknownst to how Sylvanas had died, was raised as a banshee and went on to lead the Forsaken. Despite their long, varying histories and different worldviews, the Windrunners are still a family, and there is a commonality that plays into the comic.

Check out the first two pages of Three Sisters below, one day before its full release on the World of Warcraft website on 6 June, 2018.