Smoothest Transformers Toy Stop Motion Video!

This is truly a labour of love by YouTube user Harris Loureiro. Taking him 6 months to completion, the video below is perfect in every sense of the word. Can’t wait to see a sequel!

The movie comes complete with heroic poses and Transformers movie set pieces and lines, this is what the IP holders should be doing with their money.

In case you are wondering, here are the list of figures used:

  • Generations Blitzwing PCC Bombshock with TFC’s Iron Army as limbs
  • Masterpiece Bumblebee
  • Masterpiece Wheeljack
  • Masterpiece Prowl
  • Masterpiece Smokescreen
  • Masterpiece Sideswipe
  • G2 repaint Masterpiece Optimus Prime
  • Masterpiece Soundwave
  • Masterpiece Grimlock
  • Appolyon (3rd party Megatron)
  • MMC Hexatron (Sixshot)
  • MMC Bovis (3rd party Tantrum)
  • KFC DAI Stack (3rd party Powered Convoy)
  • Fanstoys Quakewave (Shockwave)
  • TFC Hercules (3rd party Devastators)
  • Badcube Huff (3rd party Huffer)
  • Fansproject Columpio (3rd party Sludge)

I so want to run out and buy an entire line of figures now!

epic-transformers-stop-motion-optimus prime