“Skyrim Grandma” Will Be An Official Elder Scrolls VI NPC!

Bethesda has heard you, Elder Scrolls fans. Internet sensation Shirley Curry, more famously known by the Skyrim fandom as Skyrim Grandma, will be immortalised as an NPC in the upcoming sixth entry in the acclaimed open-world fantasy RPG series The Elder Scrolls.

Curry, 82, won over the hearts of longtime Skyrim players with her own shenanigans on YouTube in recent years. She currently has over 504,000 subscribers and counting, many of which will be delighted to hear that Bethesda has turned their attention towards their favourite gaming grandma.

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Curry’s likeness will be emulated using new photogrammetry technology that will, Bethesda announced at their 25th Anniversary Panel at PAX East last week, feature quite heavily in The Elder Scrolls VI.

Shirley Curry’s likeness being replicated at Bethesda.

Curry took to social media to express her heartfelt gratitude and excitement for being a part of the next generation of The Elder Scrolls.

“This means a lot to me,” enthused Curry regarding her involvement in The Elder Scrolls VI. “Because I would be extremely happy to know that somebody else was playing with my character in a future Elder Scrolls game.”

She’s excited, we’re excited, everybody’s excited about the new Elder Scrolls game. We won’t be surprised if she shows up either as a badass warrior NPC like how we’ve seen Marvel Comics’ luminary Stan Lee in World of Warcraft a few months back, or like her in-game persona Ganci (shown below), or as a new deity in the larger Elder Scrolls tapestry.

In what form we’d expect to see Curry take in The Elder Scrolls VI will probably be unveiled at Bethesda’s showcase at E3 2019 this June.