No More Concert Congestion As Singtel’s Event 5G Express Pass Offers Seamless Streaming At Event Spaces

In September 2023, Singtel introduced a service for its customers: the Video 5G Express Pass. This 5G data value-added service (VAS) was the first of its kind, designed to give users network priority even in crowded areas. This marked the beginning of a series of 5G Express Passes, each tailored to specific customer needs. If you’ve ever played MMOs back in the day, this sort of works like a tunneling service, or an express lane, so you have dedicated access to a network.

Fast forward to December 2023, Singtel expanded its offerings with the Event 5G Express Pass. This new pass, crafted for specific locations and use cases, was introduced to enhance streaming experiences at large events and festivals, which often suffer from network congestion. The first instance this service would come into play will be the upcoming Coldplay concert starting 23 January. Customers eager to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity at the concert can purchase the Event 5G Express Pass between 12 and 19 January.

To benefit from the Event 5G Express Pass, customers must be existing Singtel 5G subscribers with a 5G Standalone-enabled phone and a 5G SIM. Eligible customers can subscribe to the Event Pass through a dedicated e-form, available at Singtel’s Event Pass page.

The technology behind the Event 5G Express Pass is a specialised network slice that provides prioritized access, particularly in densely populated areas. Subscribers need to be physically present at the event location for the pass to be effective. For instance, a pass purchased for 23 January will be valid only on that day at the National Stadium.

The primary advantage of the Event 5G Express Pass is smoother, uninterrupted data connectivity, even in congested settings. This enables seamless use of messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, social media content sharing in real-time (such as uploading Instagram Stories), and uninterrupted access to mobile apps for navigation and more.

2024 is shaping up to be the ‘Year of Big Concerts‘ in Singapore, with major artists like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift scheduled to perform. The Event 5G Express Pass is poised to revolutionise the concert experience, ensuring attendees can share their experiences instantly and navigate the event effortlessly. Whether it’s texting, social media sharing, or booking a ride post-event, the Event 5G Express Pass is a game-changer, ensuring every concert moment is as unforgettable as the performance itself.

For more information, check out Singtel’s official website.