Singapore’s Esports Scene Shifts Into Top Gear At Singtel’s Regional PVP Corporate League

The International (TI) 9 has kicked off to a hyped start, promising tons of MOBA action and exciting, skilled plays on the world stage. It’s most certainly an apt time for Singtel’s regional PVP Corporate League to swing into the heart of things, then, as the top two teams from the Singapore leg of the event duked it out on the battlefield.

Following the final Mobile Legends: Bang Bang showdown the previous day which won DBS Bank $S3,000 in cash and prizes, the public space of Asia Square saw undefeated champions DeloitteOne and underdog opponent PwCSG engaged in an intense best-of-three match. The crowd turnout wasn’t too shabby, either, with some keenly keeping up with the action on the big screen, and others pointing out and commenting on noteworthy moments.

The broadcasted stream could have been improved, though, with intermittent bursts of spikes and lag disrupting the experience. Fortunately, the shoutcasters did a very admirable job of adapting on the fly, dishing out humour and wit during those instances.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the night was the appearance of esteemed guest-of-honour Mr S. Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information. Taking to the stage to grace the event, he expressed, “The increased recognition of esports and its influence on media, technology, and culture, holds significant economic potential for the industry.

“Our well-connected and resilient infrastructure, coupled with strong industry support from partners like Singtel, puts Singapore in good stead to become a focal point for gaming and esports in the region.”

Spanning across approximately one and a half hours, the MOBA spectacle was finally brought to an end by DeloitteOne. After dominating the first round, the five-man team proceeded to wipe their competitors by winning the decisive match, making good use of the opportunity window from PwCSG’s careless use of their Ultimate abilities. They eventually walked away with S$4,000 in cash and prizes.

“Our team had fun throughout the PVP Corporate League, spending quality time discussing strategies, overcoming challenges and celebrating victories together,” Ang Chun Keat, captain of Team DeloitteOne from Deloitte, said. “It gave us a good opportunity to know our teammates better outside of work. It’s amazing to see what a team built on trust, teamwork, and friendship can achieve.”

It was a night for all, however. Despite losing out to DeloitteOne, PwCSG will still join the latter in the coveted online regional qualifiers with the second runner-up, as representatives from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand vie for their place in the Grand Finals in Singapore Comic-Con at the end of the year.

And while fans had the grand finals to satisfy their DOTA itch, invited guests and members of the media who are foreign to the game got their hands on the Space Invaders and Pac-Man arcade machines, as well as the Street Fighter and FIFA gaming areas.

It’s all casual fun, but those with a stronger competitive spirit or were looking for a challenge had the option to throw down the gauntlet, and compete against Singapore’s king of Street Fighter, RZR Xian – something Mr. S. Iswaran himself did so earlier. Accompanying the fighting game community veteran are professional esports teams Resurgence and the all-female Asterisk, all of whom have been appointed the PVP Ambassadors.

Congratulations to DeloitteOne for winning the Singapore leg of Singtel’s regional PVP Corporate League, and all the best to participating teams for the next stage of the tournament! The PVP Campus League is set to take place in about two weeks’ time, so more esports action is definitely on the way.