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Carousell Celebrates Their 7th Anniversary With Mega Fair At Marina Bay Sands

Carouselland is back with a bang for its fourth mega indoor fair at Marina Bay Sands from August 17 to 18, and this time, it is bigger than ever before. 

Regardless of whether you are a frequent user of Carousell’s online shopping platform or simply someone who loves shopping, and loves a great deal even more, then you should head on down to Carouselland.

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Over 300 booths from various categories present on the Carousell app will be selling their wares and services over the weekend, with booths selling items such as handcrafted jewellery, potted plants, fan-made anime merchandise, and even Funko Pops. 

Those who prefer to experience something a little more hands-on can look forward to the 30 workshops that will be held throughout the two halls such as Robotics and Coding for Kids Workshop by Future Masters Academy, or the Basic Leather Crafting Workshop by The Leather Society.

Carousell has even organised community activities for various communities on Carousell such as one for board gaming and retrogamers. 

What’s more, geeks like us have plenty to see in Carouselland this year as not only will there be booths selling Funko Pops, there is also a long display of Marvel figurines for you to feast your eyes on, including a huge Thanos figurine sitting regally atop his throne. 

Not far from that table is a shelf filled with various figurines from other popular series, such as Star Wars and Dragon Ball. 

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Those who’d like to give AR gaming a try can also head on down to Carouselland as there will be a booth for you to play Beat Saber, a rhythm game that has you swinging lightsabers to slash boxes as they head down your way to the beat of the chosen song.

On your way out, you can also leave your mark on the Carouselland board with a doodle or two. 

With this many vendors to explore and workshops to experience, Carouselland is definitely not any ordinary bazaar. Be sure to head on down from August 17 to 18, 2019. 


Location: Marina Bay Sands Convention Halls A and B
Date: August 17 – 18
Time: 12pm – 9pm

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