Singaporean Star Wars Fan Makes Sideshow’s Baby Yoda Movable And The Results Are Amazing

Singaporean Star Wars collector Jasper Tan performed plastic surgery on a US$375 life-size statue of The Mandalorian‘s The Child from Sideshow Collectibles. His goal? To make the statue moveable. And boy, it was quite a journey.

“When I saw the life-size Grogu, then known only as The Child, I knew I had to have it,” said Jasper. The collector was deliberating between the life-sized Baby Yoda from Sideshow and HotToys but decided to go to the former because it looked more realistic to him.

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“Once the figure arrived, I went to town on it. Took me 3 hours in total to do the modification as shown, and left it overnight for the putty to dry,” he shared.

baby yoda

Documenting the surgery on his Facebook post, the collector cut open Baby Yoda’s head and arms off with great precision – it is an expensive statue, after all, it’ll be a shame if he were to mess up.

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According to Jasper, the statue was difficult to tear apart but he took to YouTube to watch how it could be done. To make the statue poseable, Tan used a Joby Gorillapod tripod and used the “nubs” of the tripod legs for articulation.

baby yoda

Jasper also screwed in the Gorillapod’s nubs under the head of the statue to give it some movement.

Using epoxy and multiple screws to hold everything in place, it’s safe to say that the surgery was a major success. In addition to the cost of the statue itself, the collector spent another SG$60 on the tripod, epoxy and screws for his project.

“The result of this simple modification was well worth the cost and effort! Now he can be posed in many different ways, and doesn’t seem as static,” said Jasper.

baby yoda

Would he recommend others to do the same? Yeah, he does. “So I say to all, go ahead, have courage. Dare to destroy a good thing to create something better. As long as it turns out better, that is,” said Jasper.

Now, Jasper is likely the few human beings on earth to have a life-sized and realistic Baby Yoda figure that is highly articulate!