Secretlab Singapore Moves Into Massive 44,000 sq ft Global HQ

Who knew that hauling ass could become so lucrative?

Six years after Singapore’s Secretlab entered the gaming chair scene and dominated it with their range of comfortable, affordable and attractive chairs for gamers to sit on, the homegrown company, founded by two gamers, has expanded globally across markets including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia as well as countries in Asia, and is now ready to make take on the hot seat of protecting their customer’s behind, from their new massive futuristic Global HQ and R&D Center, located at 351 Braddell Road, #05-02, Singapore 579713.

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Photo provided by Secretlab.

The company’s new 44,000 sq ft location includes a new and upgraded showroom that showcases the different specialised gaming chairs that Secretlab has developed, as well as a 7,000 sq ft dedicated R&D Center. There’s also a simulated display exhibit of the tests in the showroom that lets the public view first-hand the rigorous tests that every Secretlab product goes through for users to experience even greater peace of mind.

Those who also would like to experience what it’s like to game in one of their gaming chairs can do so in their very own Esports Arena area where visitors may frag out in comfort.

Photo provided by Secretlab.

Secretlab’s new headquarters also has an entire space dedicated to further its in-house design, testing and engineering capabilities of their products. This ensures that every consumer is met with only the best.

If you live in Singapore and are interested in dropping by to experience the award-winning products made by Secretlab, including their recent Titan Softweave 2020 Series and MAGNUS Metal Desk, you can do so by reserving your preferred time slot through their website.