‘Secret Invasion’ Trailer Teases Marvel’s Next Big War And Nick Fury’s Secret Identity

Nick Fury is the man of the hour! The official trailer to Secret Invasion has landed and it promises something major for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fury himself too.

The trailer sees Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) return back to Earth and prepare for a fight against Skrulls who have raged the planet. Despite a team of armed assailants and bombs dropped from helicopters flying overhead, Fury asserts that is a war he has to fight alone. It doesn’t help that he is also the most wanted man on the planet too.

Fury’s wishes aside, the trailer also sees characters Maria Hill (Colbie Smulders) and Secret Agent Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman) arm themselves for the war too. Emilia Clarke is also suited up for the fight and as per Jackson’s recent interview with Vanity Fair, she is revealed to be Talos’ daughter.

secret invasion

But what’s most exciting about the trailer and Secret Invasion itself is that anyone, and we mean anyone, can be a Skrull. We saw a glimpse of Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) turning green – why? we don’t know – and seeing how this is a deeply personal issue for Fury, could he secretly be a Skrull too?

Who do we trust and who do we don’t? Guess we’ll only find out when Secret Invasion releases this 21 June on Disney+.