SDCC 2019: Batman’s Hush To Appear In Batwoman TV Series

You know that new Batwoman TV series set in the Arrowverse is serious business when one of the biggest names in a certain Dark Knight’s Rogues’ Gallery makes an appearance. Word got out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 last weekend that this villain will be a major antagonist to Ruby Rose’s Batwoman.

Hush now, Joker fans, not this time. Oh wait, yeah, this villain’s name is Hush.


The bandage-wrapped serial killer debuted — and was therein immortalised — on the pages of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s iconic Batman: Hush storyline back in 2003. In that story, Tommy Elliot was one of Bruce Wayne’s closest friends, but turned out to be a childhood sociopath hell-bent on upturning the Wayne family fortune and business. A skilled surgeon, he even went so far as to alter his face to resemble that of Bruce Wayne just to get under his and his peers’ skins.

Of course, with Bruce Wayne seemingly out of commission in The CW’s Batwoman, Kate Kane will naturally step up as Tommy Elliot’s opposite in the first season of the show. Executive producer Caroline Dries explained that this version of Hush will draw elements from the Loeb and Lee comic, but ultimately make the villain their own interpretation.

“We’re trying to find a different angle into these characters… so we’re introducing the character of Tommy Elliot, who becomes the villain Hush,” said Dries at the Batwoman special pilot preview at SDCC 2019. “The show will explore his origin before he dons the iconic wraps.”

Who exactly plays Hush, and how his character will play out remains to be seen (except for the lucky fans who got to watch the entire pilot months before its official premiere). But we do know for sure that Burt Ward, who played Robin in the original Adam West Batman TV series of the ’60s, will be appearing on the show to some extent.

Batwoman officially premieres on October 6.