Say What? ‘Talk To Me’ Sequel Ordered With Directors Returning

A24‘s hit horror film Talk To Me is officially getting a sequel! The best part? Directing duo Danny and Michael Phillipou are returning to helm the movie.

The gory movie starred Sophia Wilde as teenager Mia who gathers for a seance with her friends on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Things take a dark turn and Mia is haunted by supernatural entities.

Talk to Me also stars Miranda Otto, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji and Zoe Terakes.

talk to me

The movie premiered at Sundance and was picked up by independent studio A24. It opened in theatres on 27 July and debuted with US$10 million, making it the second-biggest start in a wide release ever for A24. Ari Aster’s Hereditary takes first place with US$13.6 million.

Talk to Me has since been a box office success and has an impressive 95% Rotten Tomatoes score. You can read our review here.

News of the movie’s sequel proves that viewers have an appetite for all things scary and even bloody. It also means that horror still remains a genre that can pull audiences back into cinemas time and time again.

Horror franchises are still going on strong, with Insidious‘s sixth instalment The Red Door taking the title as the biggest horror movie of the year. The spot was previously held by James Wans’ M3GAN. Up next for horror fans are The Nun II and Saw X.

Aside from the Talk to Me sequel, Danny and Michael Phillipou are also working on a Street Fighter movie.