Even as folks are flooding locations across the island to catch the latest rare Pokémon creatures, all eyes are on Niantic and its upcoming update to the game, which is expected to include Generation 2 of the Pokémon characters.

And it’s not just Pokémon starters like Totodile, Chikorita and Cyndaquil that might be added to the game, as players can also expect additional evolutions for generation 1 Pokémon creatures.

Come on. Most of you must have wondered why some Pokémons have 3 evolved states, while some only have two? Pokémon Generation 2, AKA Pokémon Gold and Silver, added updated evolution forms for several of the characters, including Pichu, the baby form of Pikachu, Scizor, the evolved form of Scyther, as well as Slowking, the evolved form of Slowbro and the final form of Slowpoke.

In other words, start saving up on those candies. Now, we’re not sure which ones are coming, and how many candies are needed, but going by the current game’s requirements of 50 candies for some to hit the first evolution, and 100 candies for others, there is no harm is collecting them all.

And given some of the issues with the current game, we won’t be surprised if Niantic rolls out Generation 2 in phases. Here are the 12 Pokémons we want to see in the next game update.


Oddish evolves to be Gloom, and Gloom becomes Vileplume. But what about Bellossom, another possible third stage evolution for Oddish? In the game, a Sun Stone is required to become Bellossom, so maybe the game will have you hunt for artifacts as well? Or it could be entirely random, like with Eevee.



Blissey is the second and final stage evolution for Chansey, and a whole lot more powerful. One of the more powerful, and attainable, defenders in current version of Pokemon might get even stronger.

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Oh look! A Crobat that just so happens to need those pesky and hard to catch Zubats. Zubats evolve to be Golbats and when you thought the horrors were over, the game is now going batty.



The second and final stage evolution for Eevee, Espeon is another evolution that, in the original name, needed an artifact in your inventory, the Sun Shard. One hopes that the game won’t want players to catch creatures and rare items in future.



This is a tricky one. Hitmontop is the second and final evolution of Tyrogue. Fair enough, but sharp-eyed players will be asking, Why, because Tyrogue is not a Generation 1 Pokemon and thus, not in Pokemon Go.

On the other hand, Tyrogue’s two other evolutions, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, are in the game so it’s only a matter of time that the game goes three Hits on players. Our best bet? Hoard those Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee candies right away. Or will Niantic normalize candies so that all new candies for the Hitmons will be based off Tyrogue?



So here’s another anomaly. Kingdra is the third and final evolution of Horsea, who is an evolution of Seadra. Will you need a Dragon Scale to complete the switch? Only the game will tell.



Will it surprise you to know that Porygon2 is an evolution of Porygon? In the original game, players needed and Up-Grade item to complete the change. Already tricky enough to find in game, this rare Pokemon would be possibly one of the hardest to evolve.



Like Bellossom, Politoed is an alternate third and final stage evolution for Poliwhirl and Poliwag. Will a King’s Rock be needed to cement this evolution, or will this be entirely random?



Scizor is an evolution of Scyther, and the most badass looking creature in the series. This mecha-like character was also a pain to evolve, due to the requirements of having a Metal Coat as well.

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This is probably any of us running 2.4KM. Slowpoke -> Slowbro or Slowpoke + King’s Rock => Slowking.



This gruesome creature evolves from an Onix, so if you catch sight of any Onixs, don’t let them get away.



Our dear little Eevee is a master of different forms, and Umbreon is just one of many in the series.


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