Samsung Releases Massive 292-Inch 8K Modular TV, The Wall Luxury, In Singapore

Just earlier this year, Samsung wowed everyone with its massive 219-inch TV dubbed ‘The Wall’, and now with the year soon coming to a close, Samsung is back with another announcement and it is a huge one, literally.

Samsung’s newest premium TV, The Wall Luxury, is a massive TV designed for luxury residential spaces. The TV can be configured to fit any living space, with sizes and ratios ranging from 146-inch in 4K to 292-inch in 8K. The Wall Luxury also comes with a slim display, less than 30mm, and customisable decor frames, allowing the TV to blend seamlessly into any home. 

Furthermore, The Wall Luxury never needs to be turned off. Much like most other TVs released by Samsung, when it is not in use, users can turn on Ambient Mode and have The Wall Luxury act as a digital canvas for the users to express themselves, be it through photographs or paintings.

Unlike other TV which employs crystal layers and backlights, The Wall Luxury instead features millions of small, self-emitting LED pixels which means that any black areas in an image will truly be black as the pixels are not emitting any light at all. Images produced on The Wall Luxury will thus have great contrast and accurate colour representation. The TV will also be able to play videos with 2,000 nits of brightness and a video refresh rate of 120Hz, ensuring that its users experience a truly immersive visual experience. 

The Wall Luxury will be available exclusively at AV Intelligence, Millenia Walk and private viewings of the luxury TV are available upon reservation from November 1, 2019. 

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