CES 2019: Samsung Reveals Ginormous 219-Inch TV Called “The Wall”

CES 2019 at Las Vegas gave us techies a treat with numerous releases.

None, however, were as large in scale as Samsung‘s new 219-inch long behemoth of a TV, poignantly nicknamed “The Wall“.

Just look at this beauty.

An upgrade to the original 146-inch Wall that was launched at last year’s CES, the latest Wall – roughly 556cm long for you metric folks – builds on Samsung’s MicroLED TV 4K technology.

For the uninitiated, MicroLED screens are not only durable and power consumption-efficient, but also light-efficient and remove the need for colour filters or backlight, providing its user a more wholesome viewing experience.

What’s even better, like its predecessor, is that The Wall is modular – meaning to say that it can increase or reduce its size to fit the consumer’s preferences. The lack of a bezel, combined with millions of individual micrometre-scale LEDs that allow for this shape manipulation to occur.

Now just imagine playing the likes of God of War on this beast – you’ll be playing as an almost life-size Kratos, fighting alongside almost life-size titans.

Immersion at its highest (geddit?).

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