Retro Custom Singapore Public Transport LEGO Sets Are Rolling Out Soon, Including A Milo Truck

Every kid born before the 00s knows can remember the SBS bus or SMRT train they took to school or work everyday. You also can’t forget the iconic Milo truck that was there every school event.

A local LEGO brick artist, My Little Brick Shop, is continuing her “Old School Singapore” series. The series includes public transports, a milo truck, and the iconic orange and white bus stop.

Did you know Singapore gets its trains from the Japanese? Being known for their bullet trains with industry-leading train technology, why wouldn’t we trust the Japanese? The Kawasaki C151 was the first train to serve the SMRT when they opened on 7 November 1987. Its classic grey and red stripes that line the cars are a nice reminder of the good ol’ days.

Next up, we have the single and double deck SBS transport buses. It’s simple red and white colour schemes gives a nostalgic feel to your home. Before we had ez-link cards and air conditioning, everyone can remember chasing after one of these to get to school.

The buses can be paired with the original bus stop. Even though the flower-shaped seats were blistering hot during the summer months, these tin-roof bus stops were saviors that shielded us from both sun and rain.

We can’t forget the Milo truck. The signature all-green truck was the one thing we looked forward to after the annual run or school carnival. Nothing felt better than being handed a cup of iced chocolatey goodness after lining up for twenty minutes. The final truck will have the “MILO” logo printed on the LEGO tile. Yes, printed, and not stickers (yay!).

The great thing about these collectibles is that they are all made of genuine LEGO bricks and are assembled for you. Also, if you have kids, it a great add to the vehicle collection because the wheels on the vehicles work!

There are no prices for these LEGO pieces yet, but the shop is currently having a giveaway for the set, and the Milo truck will start taking pre-orders on 26 March at 9pm. Do check out the other series My Little Brick Shop has released previously.