Relive Your Childhood With Miniature Old School Singapore LEGO Sets, Coming To EnBlock 2020

We’re sure many Singaporeans, us included, would have grown up snacking on the delicious gem biscuits bought from our neighboorhood snack shop. Regardless of whether you only eat the sugary gem, or the biscuit, or both, it is hard to deny that the gem biscuit is a big part of many of our childhoods.

Now, My Little Brick Shop is looking to bring the gem biscuit back, along with a few other items from our childhood, in the form of miniature LEGO sculptures. The second set to be revealed in early March is none other than an Ice Kacang Machine, complete with a hand-painted miniature porcelain traditional rooster bowl (pictured below).

Dubbed the Old School Singapore Series, this retro collection includes:

  • Gem Biscuits in Khong Guan Tin
  • Ice Kacang Machine and Dessert Bowl
  • Tingkat (Tiered lunchbox)
  • Traditional Lunar Calendar
  • Retro Metal Blade Fan
  • Orange Payphone
  • And a few more surprises

The 510-piece Gem Biscuits in Khong Guan Tin Set is selling for S$89.90 and will include a box, LEGO parts, instructions and decals to paste on the tin once you are done building it. Perfect for gifting.

Biscuits from our childhood.

The prices for the other items in the series have yet to be announced but according to My Little Brick Shop, it should not cost as much as the Gem Biscuits. The set is approximately 12cm tall, a little over 50% smaller than the life-sized build made by The Little Brick Shop (which will costs around S$1,000 apparently).

On their Facebook post, My Little Brick Shop commented how it hopes the LEGO set will reach in time for Enblock 2020, which it is organising together with Bricks User Group Singapore.

If you wish to pre-order the Gem Biscuits in Khong Guan Tin for yourself, you can do so on their Facebook page or the Enblock 2020 Facebook page.