Resident Evil Village: 30 Minutes Of New PS5 Demo Gameplay – Village Area

The anticipation for the 8th Resident Evil game is at an all-time high, where even a crazy tall Lady Dimitrescu can become a viral sensation overnight, even Capcom was caught by surprise.

Here is our first-ever attempt at the new Resident Evil Village demo, which has a 30-minute time limit to get to the end of it. Unfortunately, we seemed to have missed the ending by a mere minute or so.

And on our second attempt, we did manage to reach the end in just 20 minutes, but the demo decided to disconnect right at the end. Wondering how we managed to play it a second time? Here’s a quick tip: switch over to another profile on your PS5 and start up the demo. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re interested in trying out the “village” demo for yourself, it is available early for PS4 & PS5 users now (but 8 hours only). The “castle” demo will be playable for 8 hours on 24 April at 5pm (PDT). The demo will then be playable on the rest of the platforms from 1 May onwards. We have no idea why Capcom would choose to limit their demo with such a convoluted time limit arrangement, perhaps their approach might pay off somehow?

Resident Evil Village releases on 7 May and is currently available for pre-order on Google StadiaPlayStation 4 & 5Xbox Series XXbox One and Windows via Steam.

Speaking of Resident Evil, there’s even a Resident Evil 4 VR heading to the Oculus Quest 2 soon, as well as a CGI anime series on Netflix, and the movie remake this November.