“Reimagined” E3 2021 Targets June Return

With the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation still not under control, we have seen life take a step back from normal proceedings. Cancellation of events like E3 2020 and the delay of numerous entertainment properties like Naughty Dogs’ The Last of Us Part II and movies like Black Widow is the norm now. However, the Entertainment Software Association is already looking ahead.

As reported by GamesIndustry.biz, in a sharing with their partners, the ESA has announced dates for E3 2021, and it will take place from 15-17 June next year. The event will likely see some changes as the ESA promised a “reimagined” experience for the next show.

This follows the initial cancellation of E3 2020, with plans of””exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news” still in the works.

There is no update as of yet if we will see a digital event later this year, but we do know the likes of Microsoft and Ubisoft will be doing their own thing. This year will go a long way in shaping how E3 2021, and even future conventions, will be like.