RedMart Teams Up With Local Brewery In Singapore For Exciting New Craft Beer Range

Online grocery shopping in Singapore has never been more convenient thanks to the full integration of RedMart with Lazada. With RedMart’s extensive supermarket offerings displayed alongside Lazada’s conventional shopping options, Singaporeans have access to a full-scale mall without ever having to set foot outside their homes or offices.

Now, RedMart has added a new private label craft beer to it collection, to provide you with a wealth of more ways to enjoy your Friday nights winding down or weekends partying.

RedMart has partnered with local brewery Archipelago Brewery to produce this new craft beer exclusive to their online shelves – the Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale.

The Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale isn’t just any pale ale – it’s designed for the Singaporean in mind. A refreshing blend of citrus and spice thanks to the infusion of jasmine and lemongrass (typical ingredients used in Chinese teas, as a fun fact) gives it a really cool, light, fruity taste that complement local Singaporean dishes well, especially the salty and spicy ones.

Dishes such as satay, black pepper crab, sambal (spicy shrimp paste) stingray and anything with salted egg come into mind when taking swigs of this new alcoholic treat from RedMart.

Coupled with RedMart’s upcoming Crispy Salted Egg Cereal, you’re most certainly in for a ride.

You’ll be surprised at how light this ale is (it has a 4.5% ABV anyway), and before you know it you’d have downed a 4-pack all by yourself, smacking your lips for more. A perfect pairing would be with Redmart’s upcoming Crispy Salted Egg Cereal, which was offered to the media, but would only go on sale as part of Redmart’s Private Label this August.

Since you won’t really get to see what goes on behind the scenes when you order RedMart’s new beer, here’s a nifty little infographic to give you a brief insight on what goes on behind the scenes.

Since you won’t be seeing much of what happens behind the scenes in the making of this fine ale, we’ll give you a peek into the process in a tour provided by the Archipelago folks.

The brewery tour showed the malts are milled, stirred in with boiling water, and then left to ferment for about fourteen days to produce final product.

“We are thrilled to partner with Archipelago, an award-winning local brewery, to bring a uniquely Singaporean craft beer to our customers,” said Richard Ruddy, Chief Retail Officer and Head of Grocery for Lazada Singapore. “The expansion of our beer offering with Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale is a demonstration of our commitment to the continuous enhancement of our product assortment, and we hope our customers enjoy it as much as we do.”

“Archipelago and RedMart’s shared values of quality and accessibility make for a natural partnership,” mused Nicholas Low, Head of Archipelago Brewery. “Archipelago Brewery’s mission is to grow the craft beer market, and our collaboration with RedMart opens doors to the growing base of  Singapore craft beer drinkers who are constantly looking for high-quality custom brew that suits their increasingly complex palate. Together, we have an exciting opportunity to introduce a great craft beer for Singapore to enjoy.”

You can purchase the new Code Red Lemongrass Pale Ale at S$20.80 per 4-pack from RedMart in Lazada available now. At present, this will only be a limited run, so grab them while stocks last.

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