Razer Launches Seiren BT Microphone, Key Light Chroma & Audio Mixer Combo For Streamers

Razer, the global gaming lifestyle brand, seems able to cater to anything gamers could possibly want. Beyond the obvious products such as mice, keyboards and gaming chairs, it also released wearable air purifiers and mobile gaming controllers.

Now, Razer, having recognised how inseparable streaming is from gaming, has expanded its range of streaming hardware. The Razer Seiren BT microphone, Razer Audio Mixer, and Razer Key Light Chroma are new streaming peripherals that provide professional-grade wireless audio, on-stream audio mixing, and adaptive lighting respectively.

The Seiren BT microphone connects via Bluetooth and caters to mobile streamers who find themselves doing IRL (in real life) content frequently. Instead of tussling with cables and wires of standard wired microphones, the Seiren BT frees streamers from the fussiness that comes with cable management, making streaming much more convenient for them without compromising on audio quality due to its omnidirectional microphone and intelligent noise suppression software.

The Audio Mixer is a single-box solution for streamers to easily adjust and calibrate their audio finely while streaming from their desktop. A four-channel analog mixer, users can easily adjust the volume, mute, and add vocal effects on the fly. The Audio Mixer makes it a simple matter to control multiple audio sources at once. Couple that with the Razer Synapse 3 software, and the level of control users have over audio increases exponentially, with software-based noise gate, EQ functions, and more options made available through it.

The Key Light Chroma, powered by Razer Chroma RGB, is a lighting solution designed for desktop streamers so they can get the exact right tone of light they want, and easily adjust it whenever they desire. It can be controlled either through the Razer Streaming App or Synapse 3. There are presets available, and streamers can sync the lights with other Chroma compatible devices and even stream notifications. It comes with a desk clamp pole, allowing it to be clamped to a table and adjusted so streamers can get the best angle without it hogging too much space.

All three streaming peripherals, Razer Seiren BT (US$99.99), Razer Audio Mixer (US$249.99), and Razer Key Light Chroma (US$299.99) are all available via Amazon or via the Razer Store.