Protect Your Brand New, Expensive iPhones With These Otterbox And LifeProof Cases

The iPhone XS and XS Max just released today, with hundreds of people lining up in front of the store to get their hands on the newest phone from Apple. With the cheapest iPhone costing a hefty S$1,649, it’s an investment for a lot of people. And as with all investments, the iPhone needs to be protected.

Phone cases are the best way to physically protect your phone from drops, especially if you’re the clumsy type. Along with the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max, Otterbox and Lifeproof are releasing their latest lineup of cases for the new iPhones.

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Otterbox is a company that specializes in water resistant, shock resistant, and drop resistant cases for mobile devices. They have multiple series to suit the different needs of consumers: Symmetry Series, Defender Series, Pursuit Series, Strada Series Folio and Commuter Series. Along with these cases, Otterbox also provides Alpha Glass, a screen guard to protect the iPhone’s display that is compatible with all cases. They come in different colours and designs. Our favourite is probably “You Ashed For It” from the Symmetry Series. Yes, it is because of the name.

LifeProof is a subsidiary of Otterbox, who specialises in waterproof cases for electronic devices. LifeProof cases are meant for the more adventurous users of iPhones, as they are designed to be waterproof, dirtproof, drop-proof, and even snowproof. Not that you need to worry about snow here in hot and humid Singapore.

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“Our full lineup of cases will keep iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR safe no matter what adventure you prefer, from the beach to the mountains, the schoolyard to the concrete jungle,” said CEO Jim Parke.

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LifeProof has three series for the iPhone XS and XS Max: LifeProof FRE, SLAM, and NEXT. The LifeProof FRE is waterproof, while the SLAM and NEXT are not, though all are still drop-proof. This will also be the release of the first LifeProof SLAM cases with clear graphics options. Consumers can still have a protected iPhone and show off the design of the iPhone itself. What’s the point of choosing your iPhone colour if it’s going to be covered with a case?

All these cases are available at Best Denki, Epicentre, iStudio, LOL, Newstead, Nubox, and other authorised retail stores in Singapore. As the iPhone XR is not available for purchases yet, the XR version of these cases will be available soon. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these cases, here are the suggested retail prices.

Cases iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
Otterbox Defender S$89 – 99 Coming Soon
Commuter S$45 – 59
Symmetry S$59 – 89
Pursuit S$109 – 129
Strada S$79 – 95
Alpha Glass S$89
LifeProof FRE S$129 S$159 S$159
SLAM S$59.90 S$79.90 S$79.90
NEXT S$99 S$119 S$119

Or you can always go the Neil deGrasse Tyson route.

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