Magic: The Gathering x Post Malone Collaboration Is Bringing Back Friday Night Magic

Wizards of the Coast has been collaborating with various franchises to bring interesting and inventive cards and artwork to Magic: The Gathering (MTG). The collaborations include Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, League of Legends, and now, to the surprise of many, the Grammy-nominated recording artist Post Malone.

This collaboration will include Secret Lair drops and more in 2022, but for now, the partnership will start with the return of Friday Night Magic (FNM). FNM is a MTG tournament format that is organised by gaming stores and associations around the world every Friday. It is designed to be a casual and friendly way to introduce players to organised play, and is seen as a tradition of sorts for MTG fans.

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This return of FNM comes after two years of face-to-face play being negatively affected and even suspended due to the global pandemic, but this collaboration is primed to celebrate both the history of MTG and also the communities the game has built and will build. Post Malone is known as a huge fan of MTG, having appeared on multiple MTG-based YouTube channels such as The Command Zone and Tolarian Community College, and even owning MTG apparel!

“I’m obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. This is really a dream come true,” said Post Malone.

“We’ll be doing some cool stuff so keep an eye out.”

Looks like this will be but the first step of many in this collaboration, so fans of MTG and Posty, keep your eyes peeled.