Pokémon Go Player Hits Police Officer, Gets Arrested

No one gets in the way of a Pokémon trainer catching Pokémon. Not even Officer Jenny.

In Matsuyama City, Japan, a 40-year-old Pokémon Go player was apprehended by the authorities for repeatedly hitting a police officer.

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According to Yahoo! Japan, the unidentified individual was obstructing activity near a hotel at the Chifunemachi area, where he and over fifty others were playing the mobile game.

Apparently, several Pokémon Go players, including the subject at hand, were allegedly trespassing on the hotel premises, prompting the hotel staff to contact the police.

When two police officers stopped him for questioning, the player became vehemently upset over missing the chance to catch a particular Pokémon, and struck one of them in the face, mouthing “Because of you, I didn’t catch [Pokémon]. I’ll kill you.” Naturally, he was apprehended.

The assaulted police officer did not sustain any injuries. Please do not do this while trying to catch digital monsters, it’s not worth it.