PlayStation Store Gears Up For PS5 As It Phases Out PS3, PS Vita And PSP Offerings

You know you’re old when you’ve spent countless hours on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable years ago. Sadly, very soon, support for all three platforms on the PlayStation Store will be made obsolete.

Sony PlayStation announced that games for the PS3, PS Vita and PSP, as well as apps, themes and avatars on these platforms will no longer be available on the PS Store starting 21 October, as it begins to shift its focus solely for the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 5 moving forward.

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The PS Store as seen in the PlayStation 3.

The mobile and app versions of the PS Store are also slated to complete this transition by 28 October.

But if you absolutely still have to purchase games from that bygone era, there’s still a way to do so.

After the phasing out period, users will still be able to buy legacy titles for the three platforms directly from said platforms themselves. That means if you still want to buy something such as the original Demon’s Souls on the PS3, you’ll still be able to purchase it on the PS Store on the PS3 itself. It sounds a little troublesome, but hey, it’s still an option.