PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Heading to Mobile, Twice

A week ago, news of being being able to camp in a warehouse and gun down other players with a M-16 on mobile phones threw China into a state of excited frenzy.

Now, the Chinese audience gets to experience that again in two different games.

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Following an earlier article about a PUBG mobile release for China, publisher Tencent has unveiled another PUBG-branded title for mobile devices. Titled Army Attack, the game is a far cry from the bonafide phenomenon that is PUBG, and mixes up warfare with ship battles – a little reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’s sea rounds.

Apart from being able to control ships and gun each other at sea, players can also dominate the battlefield by fighting from helicopters. This, in addition to the act of jumping out of them, can allow for more variety and excitement during gameplay.

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PUBG fans looking for a more traditional experience on mobile can look forward to Battlefield (the most generic naming convention for every war game, ever), which is probably the game Tencent was teasing earlier. Based on the trailer, it features the all-familiar Battle Royale system, with players fighting for survival on a deserted island filled with bloodshed, grand explosions, and team ambushes.

While both Army Attack and Battlefield are based off PUBG, they are being developed by different companies – the former is under Timi Studio, and the latter Lightspeed and Quantum Studios.

As usual, no information is announced for a release outside of China, so we’ll leave it up to the Chinese masses to decide if serving up chicken dinners on mobile phones is as fun as it is on PC.