Plash Speed Animated Short Strikes Back With Hilarious Sequel Showing PS5 As An Air Purifier

The “Plash Speed” video has become a legendary Internet phenomenon, with its wildly-hilarious elements and comedic moments drawing plenty of laughs from viewers. Telling the story of a man’s attempt to replace his wireless router with a PlayStation 4 without his wife’s knowledge, it follows the husband, his son, brother-in-law, and even a faux tech expert as they try to sell the idea of the console as a wireless router to the wife, and how the “PS” logo stands for “Plash Speed,” an ultra-fast new type of internet speed.

Now that the PlayStation 5 has launched to great success, it can only mean one thing: an equally rib-tickling sequel to the viral animated short. It’s only been a month since the grand reveal, but YouTube channel 장삐쭈 is back with another roller-coaster ride that depicts the PS5 as an air purifier – a reference to one of the many memes inspired by the console’s size and aesthetics.

Titled “Direct Trades,” the five-minute reel starts off with a meet-up between two men, one of whom is a buyer looking to claim his PS4 from the seller after making payment. The latter, who only realised that the console, alongside a pile of games, was in the sealed box upon confirmation, expresses reluctance in completing the deal, explaining that his wife was the one responsible for the arrangement. He pleads the buyer to turn down the exchange, but the buyer refuses and walks away with the box in hand after sharing how his own wife subjected him to the same treatment.

The man goes home dejected. Slumping on the sofa, he mutters under the breath about the loss of his console, before directing his anger at his wife, who continues to use her phone nonchalantly in face of the tirade comes to an end. She then asks him to switch on the new air purifier; he trudges over to do so, only to realise that her wife had mistaken the PS5 for the latter appliance, and then cries in joy.

Honestly, same.

It’s a wild ride – one that’s made even better with exaggerated voice-acting, excellent comedic effect, and stylistic animation elements. Extra points for the helpful subtitles as well.

May the Plash Speed live on.