Our All-Time Favourite Wolverine / Logan Team Ups

Comic book fans all know Logan as a loner whose actions speak louder than words.

But despite his “charming” personality, it seems that Logan has appeared and teamed-up with pretty much the entire Marvel universe at some point or another. That’s pretty impressive stuff for someone who, up until the turn of the century, was commonly associated with only the X-Men and Alpha Flight.

With so many to pick from, here’s a good stepping off point for some of James “Logan” Howlett’s more memorable team-ups –

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Wolverine & Spider-Man

One of the best running story lines would be Logan having a great father/daughter vibe going on with fellow X-Men Jubilee, be it in the comics or the TV show, but it’s with Peter Parker where this quality shines the most.

In the absence of Uncle Ben, Logan fills this fatherly role perfectly, as the Dad to our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Their adventures together commonly feature them butting heads at the start, due to their contrasting personalities. Eventually, Spider-Man often comes to realise that Logan does what he does because of the people he cares for. Of course, Logan is willing to go to extremes to help Peter make the decisions he wouldn’t have chosen himself.

Their dynamic is best summarised in the following short. Grab them tissues –

Is this sort of thing ok? Storytimes?

Wolverine & Jean Grey

The longest third wheel in any comic book, Logan has pined for Jean Grey in pretty much every iteration they have been featured in. So what happens when Logan gets his wish?

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In Age of Apocalypse, Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey are THE dynamic duo of this alternate reality, and this arc is probably the strongest characterisation fans have seen of their characters. Weapon X and Jean Grey against the new heel, played by Cyclops. This is the stuff of all fandoms.

However, like all good love stories, it’s not going to end well. Jean Grey realises that she’s really needed back with the X-Men stateside, and the expected breakup happens. We’ll just leave this here –

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Wolverine & Captain America

Apart from his healing factor, many people tend to forget that Logan is old. Like, he even met Captain America as an adult during World War II, as part of the Canadian Corps.

Uncanny X-Men #268 had everything, ninjas, Russians, and we even get to see Logan use a sword. The art here is by a young master, but his clean lines would eventually establish the definitive depiction of Wolverine and Psylocke, and how they would be seen in the years to come. Ah, Jim Lee at his earliest and finest.

The issue provides a much better take on Logan in terms of his backstory. It doesn’t reveal too much and allows fans to fill in the blanks, unlike subsequent attempts to build on the lore of Logan.

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Wolverine & New Fantastic Four

Ok, this is a stretch since it’s not a one-plus-one, but it is a team. While Logan might be one of the key characters forming the New Avengers, we’ll always remember him as a better part of the New Fantastic Four.

Combining the Hulk, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man (again!), this unlikely group offered a dynamic that didn’t seem to have any synergy at all. But, somehow it worked!

This team up is particularly impactful to me, as it opened my eyes to the reality of crossovers in comics for the very first time. And, these were characters who were much more diverse in background, compared to the extreme scientific slant the original Fantastic Four had at the time.

Wolverine & Colossus

These guys have it by the balls! If not for Logan’s relationship with Piotr Rasputin, the world would not be able to witness the Fastball Special.

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While the move has been replicated with many other power hitters in the Marvel Universe, nothing beats the original combo between Wolverine and Colossus.

Wolverine & X-23

Following the catastrophic events of House of M, we were presented with the best instance where we finally see Wolverine and his clone, X-23 team up.

Entrusted to lead a team of loose cannons, it’s awesome to see how Wolverine deals with folks who are varying shades of himself in terms of personality.

With Logan being eaten up by Predator X, we see X-23 unleash her berzerker barrage at the implied death of her genetic original.

But, alas, it’s always been part of the plan guys –

In a few weeks time, we will see this dynamic happening on the big screen. And while the Logan movie might seem like a mash-up of many running storylines we’ve seen in the comics (Messiah Complex and Old Man Logan), we’re pumped to see how Hugh Jackman’s alleged swan song as Wolverine plays out.

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