Official Ghost Of Tsushima Merchandise Now Sold On The Japanese Island Itself

Official Ghost Of Tsushima Merchandise Now Sold On The Japanese Island Itself

There is no doubt that Sucker Punch ProductionsGhost of Tsushima is a big hit, and it is not just the gamers that are loving the trip to ancient Japan. The inspiration provided by the actual Tsushima island has been key to making the game even more immersive, and the fact that developers were made official ambassadors of the island speaks volumes. Now, things are going even further, with the tourism board of Tsushima greenlighting a fresh range of Ghost of Tsushima merchandise.

These new items will be sold on the island itself, and include some really cool looking products. There are socks, T-shirts, buttoned shirts, scarves, mugs, and more. For those that are planning to visit Tsushima island and also happened to love the game, best prepare your shopping bag.

The range will start selling on 29 April at the special booth of the tourist information center, Fureai Dokoro Tsushima Special Product Room.

“The Ghost of Tsushima collection incorporates the high level of gameplay, fun, and creation into graphic design with respect. Due to the permanent collection special exhibition at Fureai Dokoro Tsushima, those who visited Tsushima became interested in the world view and games of Ghost of Tsushima, and on the contrary, game fans took this opportunity to visit Tsushima. I hope it will be a bridge that connects games and sightseeing in Tsushima, as if you were thinking about it,” said a spokesperson.

It will be intriguing to see just what else will come out of this fruitful partnership between Ghost of Tsushima and the island itself besides the merchandise. A sequel will make perfect sense, considering the reception, and we cannot wait to see that in action when it happens.