Of Yoko Taro, Adult Videos, and NieR: Automata


If you did not know, famed game director Yoko Taro (he with the mask) of NieR: Automata was in town last week for both The SEA Summit as well as the ever awesome GameStart 2017. He was treated to a fervent crowd on the main stage at the premier gaming event, but it was at the mainly business-only SEA Summit where we got an interesting nugget of a reveal from the man himself in the Q & A.

Moderator: “Yoko san, up to now you’ve been involved with games, a novel, and a stage play. But here on out, what kind of medium do you want to make?”

Yoko Taro: “I imagine this will be off-putting, but I want to make an adult video. Once in my life, I’m thinking I’d like to make one.”

I have no idea what kind of adult video Yoko Taro has in mind, but if he ever wanted to draw upon his own creations as inspiration, I am afraid he is a step behind already. As spotted on Twitter, Japanese porn studio Total Media Agency is already shooting a film with a distinct Nier: Automata flavour.

At least they got the cosplay elements pretty much down!