Norman Reedus Teases More Death Stranding Content

It’s been about four months since Death Stranding first released, and many gamers are still very much in love with Hideo Kojima‘s latest masterpiece. But of course, many will also be wondering if Kojima-san has plans for more content for the game.

It appears that lead star Norman Reedus may have just implied it. In a recent video interview with Wired, the 51-year-old hinted that more Death Stranding content might be in the works, while answering fan questions about his involvement with the game.

Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges in Death Stranding.

“…I’m shooting Ride, I’m getting ready to do The Walking Dead, talking to Hideo Kojima about doing some Death Stranding stuff, and being [a] daddy”, said Reedus at the 8:11 mark, who plays Sam Porter Bridges in the game. Though he didn’t exactly confirm what he might’ve spoken to Kojima-san about, it does coincide with the game director’s recent cryptic trailer released on his social media.

While we await Kojima Productions to weigh in on possible future content for the game, PC gamers can catch up with the PC version of Death Stranding coming to the platform on 2 June 2020, with a Half-Life crossover thrown in the mix.