Nintendo Celebrates Famicom Console’s 40th Anniversary With DIY Paper Replica

The Nintendo Famicom Console might have been discontinued years ago. Still, the legacy of the revolutionary retro gaming device lives on. For its 40th anniversary, you can now own it in DIY paper replica form, in the August edition of the Japanese Televi-Kun magazine, which pays tribute to the iconic console.

nintendo famicom

And the replica is a true-to-form recreation of the Famicom, including vents, switches, and even a slot where you can put your game cartridges. The best part? The DIY replica has a tiny speaker that will play sounds from Super Mario Bros., and you can actually press its buttons.

nintendo famicom

Apart from the paper console, the anniversary magazine also includes a special Famicom notebook, a sticker set featuring the box art of popular Famicom game characters, a poster with the original Famicom box art, making it the perfect tribute for fans of retro games.

In the magazine spread, gamers will find interviews with Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Honi, and more gaming legends. It’ll be released on 1 July in Japan and retails for 2,860 yen (S$24). so get your hands on the Nintendo Famicom magazine before it sells out!