Nike Sportswear Knows Winter Is Coming With Massive Plush Faux Fur Swoosh Blanket

HBO’s Game of Thrones may well be over, but winter is always coming every year. Nike Sportswear knows this very well, having recently launched the Plush Faux Fur Blanket.

This massive blanket measures 1.4 metres by 1.8 metres (4 feet by 6 feet for those in the US), and features an oversized Nike Swoosh on the front. According to the product page, it is made with 100% polyester (the same material used in jackets), and can be used to for many things, such as keeping you warm on a cold night with some Netflix and a mug of hot tea by the side, or to drape over your coffee table so it resembles an oversized shoe box.

Or, if you happen to reside on the northernmost part of Westeros, you can drape it over your shoulders like a cape to let folks know they can “just do it” when facing hordes of wildlings, White Walkers, and all manner of other beasts who hail from beyond the Wall.

Okay, we’ll stop with the GoT jests, but you know what we mean. As awesome as this piece of fashion/home accessory is, it’s somehow out of stock at the time of writing. Anyone who dropped that S$275 sure is a wise person.

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