New Silent Hill And Fatal Frame Movies Lurk In The Shadows

It would appear that the hills will soon be alive with the sounds of… dread, as we have caught wind of both Silent Hill and Fatal Frame getting new movies, courtesy of Christophe Gans.

In an interview with French publication Allociné, Gans revealed he was working on another entry for Silent Hill, as well as a film adaptation of another Japanese horror staple, Fatal Frame. According to Gans, the latter film will take place in Japan because he does “not want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting.”

The original Silent Hill film directed by Gans released in 2006. It was not without its flaws, but was generally well-received by fans of the horror video game franchise. The sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation, was a step down.

Of course, the closest many have gotten to a new Silent Hill game was the cancelled Hideo Kojima/Konami playable teaser, P.T., and once that was unceremoniously disposed of, all hope seemed lost for the once-revered franchise.

As for Fatal Frame, the entire idea of using a camera to defend yourself against the apparitions and spirits is ripe for a film, and will certainly be something fresh for horror fans to experience on the big screen,

While we still have no official confirmation from the various stakeholders regarding the films, at least there is still some hope left, and that is all we need sometimes.