New Screenshots For 'The Callisto Protocol' Fills That Dead Space Void

New Screenshots For ‘The Callisto Protocol’ Fills That ‘Dead Space’ Void

Sure, there may be a Dead Space remake coming from the folks over at EA Motive, but there’s just something about an original creator’s work that catches the attention. That’s right, we are talking about Dead Space creator Glen Schofield and his latest project, The Callisto Protocol, with new screenshots and details from a new Game Informer interview suggesting that we are in for a horrific and satisfying ride.

The Callisto Protocol will bring players 300 years into the future, where protagonist Jacob Lee is not in a good place. He will have to escape a prison on Jupiter’s Callisto moon, which just so happens to be overrun by monsters called Biophages.

As just an average cargo ship pilot (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), Lee has no special training that can prepare him for the horrors in the game. However, as you progress, new weapons will be obtained, and hopefully, you will retain some hope for survival as you utilise everything at your disposal to contend with the monsters. The use of a device called the GRP will allow players to push and pull items in the world and could come in handy when dealing with monsters.

The Callisto Protocol Screenshots - Biophage

Speaking of the monsters, they all look terrifyingly disgusting in The Callisto Protocol screenshots, and that is exactly how fans would want it.

“We want you to be afraid of single enemies,” Design Director Ben Walker said. “All these tools we built up for Jacob are to deal with the difficulty as opposed to coming at it from the end of, ‘hey, you can kill all these cool things, now let’s make some enemies’. We did it in reverse for that very reason. You feel scared, and you have to make the right calls at the right time.”

Obviously, The Callisto Protocol will not be a thing without Dead Space, and for Schofield, expanding upon the ideas used in those games was a no brainer. “I’m not going to shy away from a good idea because it was in one of my games,” he said. “All game makers look at ideas from other games. Picasso said, ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal’. Well, why not steal from myself?”

The studio has also revealed that Jacob Lee will be played by none other than actor Josh Duhamel.

Aside from the new screenshots, the article also confirms that The Callisto Protocol is still set for a 2022 release, where melee and ranged combat should let players get up close and personal with the Biophages. It will apparently be a cross-generational title as well, so players can be ready whether they are on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC.

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