New Pokémon Anime Without Ash Lands First Trailer

It’s time for a new generation of trainers to shine, as Ash and Pikachu will soon end their 25-year journey on the small screen. While the Pokémon anime is still in the midst of wrapping up farewell episodes dedicated to the iconic duo, The Pokémon Company has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming new series, which stars new protagonists Liko and Roy.

The reel mainly comprises character art for the pair of successors, but also shows some footage of their adventures in Paldea, the region featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Liko, for instance, is seen choosing her Sprigatito partner, making friends at her school, and gearing up for a battle against Ceruledge.

Along with Roy and his Fire-type companion, Fuecoco, the aviator jacket-wearing Friede and his companion, Captain Pikachu, will join in on the fun as well. The end of the trailer then reveals a poster, with Quaxly in the centre and Friede making a descend on the back of a Charizard.

The first episode of the new Pokémon anime is set to air in Japan on 14 April as an one-hour special. There’s no word yet on the English dub release, but it won’t be anytime soon, as Netflix’s licensing deal with the property dictates that episodes are released in waves, rather than on a same-day telecast schedule.

For longtime fans, that means more time to relive the nostalgia of Ash and Pikachu’s previous adventures, which will culminate into the final episode on 24 March in Japan, where Ash and his original rival Gary are set to engage in a heart-to-heart. Talk about an emotional sendoff!