New Pandora x Disney Princess Collection Is Love At First Sight

Disney Princess fans, grab your wallets, we’re going shopping! Pandora just released a brand new charm collection featuring Disney’s royals and it is absolutely adorable.

The jewellery brand is no stranger to Disney, having had multiple Pandora x Disney collections featuring popular characters from Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and more.


New to the jewellery brand family are:

  • Disney Tangled Rapunzel Charm (S$89)
  • Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Charm (S$89)
  • Disney Cinderella Charm (S$89)
  • Disney Aladdin Jasmine Charm (S$89)
  • Disney Princess Tiana And The Frog Charm (S$89)
  • Disney Cinderella Blue Star Pendant (S$99)
  • Disney Belle Infinity & Rose Flower Pendant (S$99)
  • Disney Snow White Apple Pendant (S$99)

The collection is currently available at all Pandora stores and on Pandora’s online store.