New Ghost of Tsushima Box Art Suggests PlayStation 5 May Return To Black Game Boxes

In the wake of the PlayStation 5 logo and features reveal at Sony’s press conference at CES 2020, the hype for the next generation of console gaming just skyrocketed even more.

And as if the PS5 craze couldn’t get any more palpable, here’s a fan-made mockup of what a physical box for a PS5 game could look like (via Reddit):


The black bars suggest a return to a more classic approach, à la the old PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 2 boxes (though this one resembles the PS3 game boxes more due to the black outer edges).

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Also, although Ghost of Tsushima is currently billed as a PS4 game, one can’t simply rule out the possibility of it being included as a launch title for when the PS5 comes out on Holiday 2020.

Though this was just an unofficial mockup, it’s really well done and certainly makes the wait for the release of the PlayStation 5 even more painful.

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