New 'Crash Bandicoot' Game Teased For The Game Awards 2022 Via Pizza Box

New ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Game Teased For The Game Awards 2022

The Crash Bandicoot franchise has seen a modern revival thanks to remasters like the N. Sane Trilogy and newer games like Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, and now, it seems a new sequel will be making a debut at The Game Awards 2022 happening in December.

Influencers have been getting marketing and promotional materials ahead of the PC release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, set on 18 October, and that all comes in the form of a pizza box. An additional detail on the box is the important part, teasing an upcoming announcement.

The message reads, “HUNGRY FOR MORE? TRY OUR NEW WUMPA PIZZA FOR $12.08!”

While that seems like a good price for a pizza pie, it also happens to be the date of this year’s Game Awards, which takes place on 8 December. Naturally, fans are putting two and two together and getting excited for a potential Crash Bandicoot announcement at The Game Awards.

Eager fans have been referring to the new game as Wumpa League, which coincides nicely with the message in the marketing materials. Developer Toys for Bob has also been teasing a new game since the start of 2022, further fuelling the speculation of something big coming before the end of the year.

In any case, we will only have to wait for two short months before we find out if a new Crash Bandicoot game is indeed coming to The Game Awards 2022.