Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Is A Bizarre Furry Dating Show And We’re Hooked

Reality dating shows. We love it because there’s nothing realistic about it. So what’s more unrealistic than hot babes and beaus jet setting to an island paradise to have the summer of their lives? Dating whilst in costume. And not just any costume, we’re talking full-on furry realness.

sexy beasts

Netflix’s newest dating reality show Sexy Beasts is the streamer’s latest attempt to help British bachelors and bachelorettes find love. The newly released trailer is both surreal and strange as people go on dates dressed up as a dolphin, a panda, the devil, an alien and the list goes on.

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The bizarre costumes are so that the contestants won’t be swayed by looks and will instead fall in love with their date’s personalities before their face reveal. Sexy Beasts is slowly looking like Love Island and The Masked Singer and seems like a fun watch for fans who love binging on reality TV shows with a side of comfort food.

There’s no doubt that social media will be buzzing about Sexy Beasts when it premieres on 21 July. Curious folks would definitely be pulled to the show, but time will tell if the costumes will be enough to hold the audience’s interest for a whole season or multiple seasons.